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Tonewoods and Varnish: Neck: Balkan maple Body: Balkan maple Soundboard: Italian spruce Fingerboard: fiber and fenolic resin Tailpiece: Ebony, ultraflexible cord Varnish: Shellac, applied by brush Bridge: Despiau   Removable Shoulders: adjustable to own ergonomy   Strings Set: Steel Number of strings: 4 String height: adjustable with Alter EGO Neck System (link)   Hand orientation: Right-handed / Left-handed   Electronics Dual preamp: Active – 9V operated Alter Ego Polymeric Pickup, film under bridge Alter Ego AUX Electrostatic Pickup, bridge mounted Buffered signal with Separate Volume Control for AUX and Polymeric pickups Fullness / Tone shaping filter Output: 6.3mm jack   Padded cordura bag: Travel gig bag double face: full and removable neck   Headphones Preamp External wearable preamp box 9V operated 1.2 m coaxial cable Output: 6.3 mm audio jack Board-mounted trimmer 9V Alkaline Battery Tripod Ligth adjustable tripod with bag   Da Gamba Attachments Traditional shape in “da gamba” style, flamed maple veneer (bag included) This option is only available with RES basses Techno (it cannot be mounted on RES basses Carbon).   CARBON Body  Version   Same function as D.bass Techno plus: Carbon fiber body cover, floating tailpiece and wood support, inboard electronic set up, Thomastick Spirocore Solo set string.

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